Client Offerings

Is your Organization tired of recruiting, training, and assigning Youth Umpires for your games, and all of the headaches that go with it?  FVB can help!

Since 1994, FVB's greatest assets have been our Members and our Training Programs.  Each year our training sessions expand to include leading edge technology, webinars, more expansive video selection, in addition to our traditional classroom and field training.  FVB is proud to offer these resources to local organizations to help recruit, train, educate, evaluate and assign Yout Umpires to your games...a complete outsourcing solution.

We will tailor the program to your specific needs, whether it is just training, or the full solution including assignments, FVB will bring our best-in-class program to you and be your complete solution.

Here is a small list of services that FVB can provide for your organization:

  • Best in Class Training - FVB will come to your location and provide you with Two-hour classroom and drill sessions with 8:1 Instructor:Student ratio priced at $12/student.  Instructors are IHSA Playoff and NCAA Umpires.  Agenda items include Rules myths, Game Management, Conflict Resolution, proper Plate Mechanics, Safe/Out drills, and Uniform importance.
  • Free admission for League Admins and Students to all FVB training sessions, including IHSA Certified clinics at Wheaton College, Belvidere North HS.  Clinics run five hours with 3-4 tracks of topics.  Class sessions held at Crystal Lake Central HS run two hours and cover various topics thru Video presentation, analysis and discussion.
  • Youth Umpire Recruiting services - FVB works with 100 are High Schools, closely with AD's and Coaches.  We can assist in recruiting your umpires by leveraging our extensive resources, social media, etc.
  • Assignment Services - In addition to training, FVB can provide assignment services as well.  This is the complete solution, where FVB will recruit, train, and then handle all of the assignments for your games.  Never again worry about Umpires!
  • Equipment and Uniform Donations - As part of the full Assignment Service solution, FVB will donate equipment and uniforms to your program to help fray the costs of doing this the right way!

    If interested or have questions, please contact 
    Jeff Collis  call 815-622-8763