HS Pitching


When do pitching rules take effect?

  • When he “intentionally steps on the rubber”
  • Make sure he is on rubber taking signs
  • Can turn shoulder before coming set in 2005
  • (Don't over officiate this-)

Only has 2 choices on the mound-

  • Windup or set- (Of course he can step off-)

During Windup, what can he do?

  • Together, one up and one down, both to sides
  • If together, then separates, runner on 3 rd , BALK

During Set or stretch

  • Where is foot, and where is free hand, don't over officiate
  • Did he stop? Do not let him bounce- No double-stops
  • Third to first move, foot must touch ground before going 1 st

Stepping off-

  • Which foot went first, the knee is a good indicator

The Pitch

  • Every pitch is either a ball or a strike
  • Dropped ball while on the rubber, doesn't cross the foul line, it's a BALK

He'd Better Not-

  • Infractions...Foreign substance, shine ball, rubbing ball to deface, discolot with dirt, hand to mouth w/o going to uniform before touching ball, wearing items on hand, wrist, or arms that distract batter, wearing tape, etc. on fingers or palm on pitching hand, use a two-tone glove (or white, gray, or light blue), wearing a white t-shirt with sleeves exposed.

Delay the Game?

  • Throwing to any player other than catcher, unless attempt to retire a runner (not a balk-warn then eject)
  • Failing to pitch or make attempt on a play with 20 seconds after receiving the ball, call a ball-again do not over officiate

Between Innings-

  • Warm-ups- 8 to start a game, 5 between innings
  • Use your judgment here...If teams are hustling between innings, cold damp weather, not out to get a pitcher injured (calling strikes will move your games along much faster


  • In doubt, warn the offender, if you warn one bench-do both
  • In NO doubt, get rid of him NOW, and then warn the other bench (coach does not go-this is IHSA not pro)

Balk Him!

  • Can probably call one every pitch
  • Advantage/Disadvantage-
    • Watch that move to 3 rd then 1 st
    • Batter steps out while pitcher in delivery, DO NOT BALK the pitcher, double violation-remind offense
  • Cannot separate hands once they come together, set or Windup
  • Plate-watch the step to 1 st during pick-off-your call

Hidden Ball Trick-

  • Where is the pitcher, where is the ball
  • On the dirt surface, he better have the ball
  • After dead ball, do not put ball in play until EVERYONE is ready including your partner

See the printable document.