Payment Procedures

Below are some important details regarding Payments for games worked by FVB.

IHSA Contests:
All schools will pay you directly, some at the field, some in the mail up to a month later.  It is the umpire's responsibility to track all payments and ensure they have been paid.  Please wait 3 weeks before contacting the school, and when you do, please use the utmost courtesy.  If no luck after that, contact Jeff Collis and he will ensure you are paid.  For NSC/NLCC games, it may be a little longer, just be patient!!!

IHSA Rates (in effect with 2018-19 seasons):
Varsity:  $64 Single; $109 DH
Lowers (One Umpire):  $61 Single;  $106 DH
Lowers (2 Umpires):  $55 Single;  $98 DH

NIC-10 Rates (Updated for 2019 Season):
Varsity:  $64 Single;  $110 DH;  Han Solo rates:  $96/$165
Lowers:  $55 Single;  $98 DH;  Han Solo rates:  $82.50/$147

Special Payment Processes by Schools:

  • Mid-Suburban League (MSL) - all schools:  New in 2018, the MSL will be utilizing Arbiter Pay to pay all officials. To ensure that you are paid timely by MSL schools, please follow these instructions: 
    • Go to and follow the instructions to set up an account or Click here for step by step instructions.
    • Turn on email notifications in Arbiter Pay:  My Profile // My Preferences  //  top box (this will nofify you when money is deposited)
    • Add your Arbiter Pay info into FVB Profile:  FVB login  //  My Profile  //  AP User Name and AP Account Number (please note this is not your Arbiter Sports Account info, and it is not your Arbiter Pay Password.  It's exactly what it says is your Arbiter Pay User Name and Account Number).
    • Funds will be sent from the schools the following week
    • Help Documents
  • Stevenson HS:  They are moving to Arbiter Pay in 2019.  It will work the same as the MSL.


2019 Summer HS and Travel Ball:
Most non-school programs pay FVB and FVB pays our umpires.  We will do Arbiter Pay paymets weekly as fast as the collected funds clear the account.  There are no guarantees on weekly payments, but we will do everything we can. We have four pay periods, and below is a targeted payment schedule for games paid thru FVB.

       Games Worked thru:                       Approx Payroll Date:
             May 19                                                     May 22-31
            June 16                                                      June 21-30
            July 14                                                        July 18-30
            August 4                                                   August 10-20
            Fall Ball                                                 November 1


If your schedule quotes a dollar amount for Travel games, they are paid thru FVB.


View your FVB Paycheck Details here